Welcome to my portfolio. I'm Matthias, a 20-something photographer with passion for composition and beauty.

Feel free to explore my works. And contact me for photo queries.

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Hooded Beauty

Beauty in Black and White

Sympathic Smile

Just a great smile.

Scenic View

The Pilatus in Luzern, Switzerland

Curled Beauty

The one lucky shot you always get in a shooting.

Summit Lensflare

Majestic Summit in Switzerland

Dead End

Lost and forgotten - A dead end


A Dog, A Human And Some Time

A Light In The Dark

A nice little street light in the dust

Lone Light

A lone light as a last stand against the upcoming darkness

Silent Speakers

Once important - now forgotten. A lost train station

Blurred Views

A foggy crossing

Fluid Hair

A Smile Accompanied With Beautiful Hair

Dockside Crane

Exposure of a dock crane

Just Playing

Spring always drives you insane

Pass Climber

Shot in the Luzern mountains in Switzerland

Lost Tracks

Already forgotten

Golden Sunrise

Early in the morning